Hans Berg


PEPPOL Access Point Monitoring

We are thrilled to introduce a free service that lists the current status of PEPPOL access points. By visiting a web page you will be able to instantly find if an access point is online or not. You will find the link at the bottom of this page. Customers of ours, who have put their faith in letting us operate their … Read More

Electronic invoicing in Norway, a story of success

With more than 10.000 public and private sector entities exchanging over 2,7 million electronic invoices since the mandatory requirement in 2012, the Norwegian approach to eInvoicing is a story of success for regulatory, standardisation and competitiveness achievements replicable across Europe. Norway is a very active player in the area of electronic procurement, particularly in eOrdering … Read More

A bit of serious business wanted

We’ve definitely had our ups and downs operating PEPPOL access points for clients since early 2012. Of course we’ve suffered outages and disruptions but we’ve always been hard at work to resolve issues when our customers’ PEPPOL infrastructure did not behave as expected. What we’ve seen during the last couple of weeks is that major … Read More

A true milestone for PEPPOL

During the last few days, the total number of registered receivers in the PEPPOL SML reached 10.000. That is a significant milestone for PEPPOL and shows the outstanding year over year growth. In January 2013 the number of receivers was about 2.400.

No Christmas gifts this year

Time travels fast. Just a moment ago it was summer. But Christmas is approaching and we wish for you and your families time to reconnect, enjoy traditions, and to find some rest during the holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, we hope you take a moment to reflect on the year that is soon coming to … Read More