CEF eDelivery capability project initiated

Galaxy Gateway – soon CEF eDelivery capable

Tickstar will be taking part in the AS4EDI19 project, coordinated by Universitat de València, together with eDelivery Service providers from several European member states.

The aim of the project is to add CEF AS4 capability to Galaxy Gateway eDelivery Cloud services and to adapt to SMP (service metadata publisher) specification that is used by CEF eDelivery.

The overarching goal is to promote standardised digital processes across the continent. After the completion of the AS4EDI19 project, we will comply with these mandates, also providing our clients easy to use and scalable CEF eDelivery services.

AS4EDI19 is co-financed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission and was approved under the CEF Telecom Program. You can get further information on the official website: ​http://cef.uv.es/as4edi19/

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