Galaxy Gateway SMP and SMP API updated

Galaxy Gateway SMP Update

On March 19 between 21:00 and 22:00 CET we will update Galaxy Gateway SMP.


We will do everything we can to minimize downtime but you should expect the SMP and the SMP API to be unavailable during the entire period. During the maintenance window you will 

  • not be able to sign in to the SMP via
  • not be able to perform SMP API operations to endpoints and participants

Please note that participant lookups for receivers in Galaxy Gateway SMP will not work during the maintenance window. Most Peppol APs have a retry policy which will kick in so that documents will be delivered as soon as the SMP is up again.


  • We have fixed so that ServiceActivationDate and ServiceExpirationDate are returned as xs:dateTime and not xs:date when performing participant lookups, se image 1 below.
Image 1


  • Improved Access Point configuration experience; multiple transport profiles are now supported for an AP, see image 2 below.
  • A confirmation dialogue is now displayed when deleting an AP configuration.
  • A confirmation dialogue is now displayed when deleting a participant.
  • Fixed popup handling bug where popups could get stuck.
  • Other, minor GUI improvements to make the SMP experience better.
Image 2: Support for more than one transport profile for an AP configuration.


  • API v2.1 has been introduced with new endpoint controller to allow an AP configuration to have multiple transport profile for an AP.
  • API v2.0 updated to handle multiple supported transport profile for an AP configuration.

Visit to learn more about the SMP API.


We have received reports that Internet Explorer 11 (and earlier versions) have issues rendering participants lookups properly, such as

As mentioned earlier, we recommend that you use the latest version of any of the following browsers

If you experience a web page without any of the above mentioned details when being logged in to the SMP, make sure to clear your web browser cache and reload the page.

Please get in touch with if you experience any issues or have questions.