PEPPOL BIS v.2 ISO6523 Codes

Support | ISO6523 codes used in PEPPOL for BIS v.2

PEPPOL receivers (a.k.a ‘participants’) and senders are identified using a combination of an ISO6523 identifier and the corresponding identifier value. The syntax of a SenderId and ReceiverId look like this for a Swedish organization number 0007:5567212047. The corresponding GLN number for that organization number is 0088:7365567212048.

Please go PEPPOL Policy for use of Identifiers for the the most recent version of the document “PEPPOL Policy for use of identifiers“.


The list below only applies to PEPPOL BIS v.2. If you are looking for codes for BIS v.3, please visit


2019-01-14: Added identifier for Dutch Organisatie Indentificatie Nummer (0190)
2018-11-06: Added the following identifiers:
  • Danish DIGSTORG (0184)
  • Norwegian organization number (0192)
  • Singapore Nationwide eInvoicing Framework (0195)
  • German Leitweg ID (9958)

2018-08-17: Added identifier for Estonian company code (0191)

2018-03-13: Added identifier for France VAT number (9957)

2018-02-13: Added identifier for Liechtenstein VAT number (9936)

2017-04-25: Added identifier for Swedish VAT number (9955)

2017-01-20: Added identifier for Belgian Crossroad Bank of Enterprises (9956)

2013-11-27: Corrected the identifier NL:OIN since it was incorrect in the specification.

The table below is sorted ascending on the column ‘schemeID’.

ISO6523-1 code schemeID Description
9922AD:VATAndorra VAT number
9923AL:VATAlbania VAT number
9916AT:CIDFirmenidentifikationsnummer der Statistik Austria
9915AT:GOVÖsterreichisches Verwaltungs bzw. Organisationskennzeichen
9919AT:KURKennziffer des Unternehmensregisters
9914AT:VATÖsterreichische Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer
9924BA:VATBosnia and Herzegovina VAT number
9956BE:CBEBelgian Crossroad Bank of Enterprises
9925BE:VATBelgium VAT number
9926BG:VATBulgaria VAT number
9927CH:VATSwitzerland VAT number
9928CY:VATCyprus VAT number
9929CZ:VATCzech Republic VAT number
9958DE:LIDGerman Leitweg ID
9930DE:VATGermany VAT number
9901DK:CPRDanish Ministry of the Interior and Health
9902DK:CVRThe Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
0096DK:PThe Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
9904DK:SEDanish Ministry of Taxation, Central Customs and Tax Administration
9905DK:VANSDanish VANS providers
0060DUNSDun and Bradstreet Ltd
0191EE:RIKEstonia company code
9931EE:VATEstonia VAT number
9920ES:VATAgencia Española de Administración Tributaria
9913EU:REIDBusiness Registers Network
9912EU:VATNational ministries of Economy
0037FI:OVTFinnish tax board
0002FR:SIRENEINSEE: National Institute for statistics and Economic studies
9957FR:VATFrance VAT number
9932GB:VATUnited Kingdom VAT number
9933GR:VATGreece VAT number
9934HR:VATCroatia VAT number
9910HU:VATHungarian Tax Board
9918IBANS.W.I.F.T. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications s.c.
9935IE:VATIreland VAT number
9917IS:KTIcelandic National Registry
0028ISO6523ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
9907IT:CFTAX Authority
0097IT:FTIEdiforum Italia
9921IT:IPAIndice delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni
0142IT:SECETIServizi Centralizzati SECETI
0135IT:SIASocietà Interbancaria per l Automazione
9906IT:VATUfficio responsabile gestione partite IVA
9936LI:VATLiechtenstein VAT number
9937LT:VATLithuania VAT number
9938LU:VATLuxemburg VAT number
9939LV:VATLatvia VAT number
9940MC:VATMonaco VAT number
9941ME:VATMontenegro VAT number
9942MK:VATMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of VAT number
9943MT:VATMalta VAT number
0106NL:KVKVereniging van Kamers van Koophandel en Fabrieken in Nederland
9954NL:OINDutch OverheidsIdentificatieNummer
0190NL:OINOrganisatie Indentificatie Nummer
9944NL:VATNetherlands VAT number
0192NO:ORGThe Brønnøysund Register Centre
9908NO:ORGNREnhetsregisteret ved Brønnøysundregistrene
9909NO:VATEnhetsregisteret ved Brønnøysundregistrene
9945PL:VATPoland VAT number
9946PT:VATPortugal VAT number
9947RO:VATRomania VAT number
9948RS:VATSerbia VAT number
0007SE:ORGNRThe Swedish National Tax Board
9955SE:VATSwedish VAT number
0195SG:UENSingapore Nationwide elnvoice Framework
9949SI:VATSlovenia VAT number
9950SK:VATSlovakia VAT number
9951SM:VATSan Marino VAT number
9952TR:VATTurkey VAT number
9953VA:VATHoly See (Vatican City State) VAT number