Limited offer: Free AS4 capable Peppol Access Point

We manage Peppol Access Points for customers in more than 20 countries in an outside Europe.

Our customers appreciate the hassle free Access Point service that lets them focus on their core business rather on the Peppol eDelivery Infrastructure and the work that comes with the changes in Peppol.

Service uptime and Access Point interoperability remain our highest priorities and we are working hard to continuously align with Peppol requirements and specifications.

On February 1st 2020, AS4 will become the mandatory transport profile for AP-to-AP message exchange in the Peppol eDelivery network.

To make life easier for new and existing Peppol Access Points, we offer the AS4 ready Access Point service free of charge until January 31 2020.

This limited offer is intended for existing Peppol Access Points and organisations that are in the process of becoming Access Points. There is no quicker and smoother way for you to get your own approved PEPPOL Access Point than to onboard yourself with our services!

This limited offer includes

  • Swift onboarding reducing your time to market
  • A production-ready AS2 and AS4 capable Peppol Access Point
  • Approved by OpenPeppol Testbed
  • Compliance with OpenPeppol SLA’s (99.5%)
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your Peppol Access Point
  • Hosting
  • Proven to work with high load (both large files and lots of transactions)
  • Extensive error handling that lets you and your customer understand the root cause and how fix them
  • Word-class Technical Support from our helpful engineers
  • No strings attached. You can cancel the service before February 1st 2020 at no cost.

What we expect from you

  • You are an Access Point member of OpenPeppol
  • You have a Test or a Production AP certificate
  • You are able to upload compliant and validated business documents to our SFTP server
  • You are able to download and parse incoming Peppol messages and ACK/NACK from our SFTP server

Next step

Get in touch with Hans Berg to schedule a call to hear more about this offer. He can be reached at or +46 739 887881.