• 15
  • Nov 2019

Galaxy Gateway SMP version v.1.18 released

We have released version 1.18 of Galaxy Gateway SMP. It includes a number of goodies, including: Improvements of Peppol Directory synchronization when Peppol Directory Indexer is temporarily down. Support for HTTP/1.0 web client Already deprecated Peppol documents are no longer selectable when adding documents to a participant. If participants have deprecated documents assigned to them, … Read More

  • 09
  • Oct 2019

Limited offer: Free AS4 capable Peppol Access Point

We manage Peppol Access Points for customers in more than 20 countries in an outside Europe. Our customers appreciate the hassle free Access Point service that lets them focus on their core business rather on the Peppol eDelivery Infrastructure and the work that comes with the changes in Peppol. Service uptime and Access Point interoperability … Read More

  • 03
  • Jul 2018

Tickstar goes to Singapore

We are happy to have been invited to Singapore to talk about PEPPOL Access Points and how to become one. Get in contact with Hans Berg if you would like more information.