PEPPOL Access Points monitor

Update 2017-10-19

Please visit for the current version of the PEPPOL Access Point monitoring page.

Update 2015-11-23

For Access Points that offer a public status page we now check that its certificate is not expired. If an AP is displayed as offline in the above table, an expired PEPPOL AP certificate can be one of the reasons.

Update 2016-04-25

Access Points running on servers that still support SSLv3 will be displayed as down.

What do I do if our Access Point is displayed as down?

First check that your AP certificate is not expired. If it isn’t, visit to find out if the server hosting your AP still supports SSLv3.

Service Levels

The colours used for uptime levels are the following:
green: higher than 98.5%
orange: between 94.0% and 98.5%
red: less than 94.0%

The status column is either green if the AP is online or red if it’s offline.

OpenPEPPOL Alerts

You will find official PEPPOL Alerts at

Add a PEPPOL Access Point to this list

Add the PEPPOL Access Point’s ‘nice name’ and endpoint URL.