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We’re honoured to develop, deliver and manage Peppol infrastructure on behalf of our fine customers. Our committed work developing and delivering reliable infrastructure has earned us the confidence of the world’s best service providers.

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We actively contribute with our expertise in various Peppol forums. We do it to spread awareness since we want to speed up adoption of business process automation.

Peppol Technical Consulting

We provide expert consulting for the setup and onboarding of

Peppol Authorities

Access Points and SMPs

Things to consider when being an AP and/or SMP Provider

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Galaxy Gateway Services

We have delivered Peppol infrastructure since 2012. All services are developed entirely by Tickstar’s engineers and are completely cloud based, thus removing the technical complexity of self-hosted software.

The access point is your bridge to Peppol. It enables secure exchange of messages with other access points.

  • Using our services you will be able to go to market as a Peppol Access Point provider
  • Since Tickstar is a recognized Peppol infrastructure provider, the mandated OpenPeppol technical tests of your Access Point is not necessary.
  • Your Access Point instance is always fully Peppol compliant
  • Extensive error handling
  • Improvements compared with OpenPeppol specifications and Open Source options
  • Predictable running cost with flat rate fees
  • Hosting included
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your Access Point instance
  • SLA
  • Friendly and knowledgeable support from our engineers

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The SMP (service metadata publisher)  stores your Peppol receivers’ metadata.

Prior to sending a file to a receiver, the sending Access Point queries the SML (service metadata locator) to find out which SMP that holds the receiver’s metadata. The sending AP is then redirected to the receiver’s SMP from which it gets necessary details to transfer the file to the receiving Access Point.

This discovery mechanism – the interaction between Access Points, the SML and SMPs within the network – is a true beauty of Peppol.

By having your own SMP for your Peppol receivers you are in full control of how they are managed.

Please be reminded that the SMP of Galaxy Gateway does not interact with the SMK (the test SML environment).

  • Manage all your Peppol receivers
    • Add, change and delete receivers
    • Support for AS2 and AS4 transport profiles
    • Activate/deactivate document types for receivers
    • Publish/unpublish in SML
    • Easy web based SMP Lookup or the Participant Lookup API to verify metadata
  • Unlimited number of receivers
  • Support for all OpenPeppol approved documents (Peppol BIS, EHF, SimplerInvoicing, CEN BII, BEAst, Svefaktura)
  • Improvements compared with OpenPeppol’s specifications
  • Predictable running cost
  • Hosting included
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your SMP instance
  • API for seamless integration
    • JSON or XML response
    • Token or HMAC authentication
  • SLA
  • Web dashboard with a stunning user interface
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Support
  • The Participant lookup API lets you find out the necessary details about any Peppol participant in order to be able to send a document. The response can be obtained in either json or xml.
  • You can access your SMP in Galaxy Gateway via the SMP API that lets you use all features directly from within your own applications.
  • Need to validate files intended for the Peppol Network? This is now easy as pie with the Validator which validates your Peppol files on the fly. The validator supports all Peppol related formats for which there are publicly available validation artefacts, such as Peppol BIS and EHF.