If you are familiar with the concept of PEPPOL you can continue to read this page.


You will exchange files with your PEPPOL Access Point using sFTP (secure FTP) on port 22. You are the active party, hence you will PUT files to and GET files from our server.

You will receive your account credentials from us.

Please make sure that you can write and delete files in the folders mentioned below.

Files to PEPPOL

Files that you send to PEPPOL should be put to the folder /to-peppol/tmp. Then move/rename the file to the folder /to-peppol to avoid us fetching files not yet completely written to disk. We poll the folder for new files every 60 seconds. Use .xml as filename suffix and note that it has to be lower case.

The folder /to-peppol/tmp should be empty after you have followed the above described procedure. If you find a file there, it ended up there for a reason; you either did not move it to /to-peppol, it was not well formed or had a fatal SBDH error so that we could not process it. We advise that you poll the folder regurlarly.

If you can’t find the receipt for a sent file in the /from-peppol folder within a minute, check the /from-peppol/tmp folder for files with filename prefix val_. If such a file can be found, your file was either not well formed or had a fatal SBDH error. Ensure that the SBDH is complete and correct by using any of the online XML Validators available. Resubmit the file. If you received a NACK, please check the error description and fix it on your end according to the recommended actions.

Make sure that you wrap outbound files with the PEPPOL envelope (SBH).

Files from PEPPOL

Files received from PEPPOL will be written by us to the folder /from-peppol. Receipts (for files to PEPPOL) will be available in that folder as well. When you fetch a file, make sure to delete it from the ftp server so that the folder is empty when all files have been fetched by you.