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You are likely to have been directed to this page because you have seen warnings in the Peppol SMP that we host.

The reason for introducing warnings is to help you to ensure that your Peppol receivers are only receiving documents that are allowed to be exchanged in the network. Warnings are displayed for either one of the following reasons:

  • the document is discontinued and not allowed to be used anymore in Peppol.
  • the document is restricted so that you can no longer select it unless you request access to it.

Peppol Migration Policy

Peppol use a generic migration policy when moving to new versions of its specifications, be it documents, identifiers, transport profiles or technical changes in the network that are not backwards compatible.

Peppol’s policy has been proven to offer smooth and non-disruptive transitions during large scale migrations including the ones listed below:

  • 2020: AS2 > AS4 and BIS v.2 others > BIS v.3
  • 2019: BIS v.2 > BIS v.3 Billing
  • 2018: Migrate all AP and SMP certificates from PKI v.2 > PKI v.3
  • 2014: BIS v.1 > BIS v.2
  • 2014: START > AS2

Migration phases

The different phases of a migration timeline are described below.

A – Phase inB – TransitionC – Phase out
Current versionMandatoryOptionalDiscontinued
New versionOptionalMandatoryMandatory

Planned migrations

Peppol BIS 3.0 migration

Becomes mandatory
(C – Phase out)
Document types includedOfficial
migration plan
Billing2020-01-01Invoice and Credit note (replaces BIS 2 Profile 4 and Profile 5)LinkLink
Upgrade2020-05-15All other document types (replace all BIS 2)LinkLink

Please visit for info about messages that are based on BIS 2.


EHF related announcements from the Norwegian Peppol Authority can be found on

EHF Release notes can be found on

EHF 3.0 documentation:

Please be aware that the ICD value (PartyIdentifierSchemeID) ‘9908’ for Norwegian participants is not allowed to be used for BIS v.3 and thus not listed on as an allowed value. Instead you should use the value ‘0192’ as described on

If you use the search tool on you will only find ‘0192’ participants when selecting EHF 3.0.

eDelivery: Migration to AS4 as AP-to-AP transport protocol

A – Phase in
B – Transition
C – Phase out1
  • 1Deprecation of AS2 (C – Phase out) will be announced by Peppol when the number of AS2 transactions has been less than 20% during a period of time.
  • Please be reminded that AS2 v.2 has to be used from February 1st according to bullet C on
  • Please note that your access point has to be approved with the Peppol AS4 Testbed compliance procedure before you can begin to use AS4 in production.