SMP API v.2 Error Codes

Support | SMP API v.2 Error codes explained

The error codes described below assume that you are using the SMP Manager API v.2.

Error type Error code Description
Validation errors GGW-300 The value MUST have content empty or null sequence is not allowed.
GGW-301 Requested ContentType was not available or could not be determined.
GGW-302 The specified media type is not supported.
GGW-303 The specified encoding is not supported.
GGW-304 The supplied payload could not be interpreted as valid XML according to the XSD.
GGW-305 There were no ParticipantIdentifiers found to process.
GGW-306 The schema identifier used is not known.
GGW-307 Found a duplicated value of a ParticipantIdentifier only the first occurrence will be processed.
GGW-308 A participant identifier value must consist of 4 numerals followed by a comma and an alphanumeric sequence.
GGW-309 The used participant type identifier is not supported.
GGW-310 The participant identifier you are trying to modify already belongs to another organization.
GGW-311 No participant identifier value available.
GGW-312 A fully qualified participant identifier value must be specified e.g. iso6523-actorid-upis::0007:5567212047.
GGW-313 The participant identifier is not known.
GGW-314 There were no Endpoints found to process.
GGW-315 The endpoint id must be a positive integer.
GGW-316 An unsupported transport profile was used.
GGW-317 A valid URL must be given for endpoint address.
GGW-318 The MinimumAuthenticationLevel must be a positive integer.
GGW-319 ServiceActivationDate must occur before ServiceExpirationDate.
GGW-320 Certificates must be provided in PEM format.
GGW-321 Service description must be specified.
GGW-322 Technical contact url must be specified.
GGW-323 Technical information url must be specified.
GGW-324 No endpoint id available.
GGW-325 The submitted JSON content seems to be not well-formed.
GGW-326 Date must be well-formed according to ISO 8601.
GGW-327 The endpoint id is not known.
GGW-328 No metadata profiles were found.
GGW-329 The metadata profile id is not known.
GGW-330 A required field was not available.
GGW-331 The provided participant does already exist.
GGW-332 The provided participant does not exist.
GGW-333 The participant couldn’t be activated in the SML since it has already been activated by someone else.
Authorization errors GGW-401 Request for specified resource was denied.
GGW-424 The participant is in an illegal state.
Communication errors GGW-350 There seems to have been a problem when trying to obtain the data stream.
GGW-351 Failed to download contents from SML.
GGW-352 Failed to parse downloaded SML data into object representation.
GGW-361 Failed to activate participant in the SML.
GGW-362 Failed to inactivate participant in the SML
GGW-363 The submitted content seems to be not well-formed.
Internal server errors GGW-901 There seems to have been a problem when storing data to database this error most likely needs manual attention from Tickstar
GGW-902 Failed to delete an Endpoint record.
GGW-903 Failed to find location of SML management WS.
GGW-904 Failed to communicate with SML management service.
GGW-905 There seems to have been unexpected behaviour with the database access this error most likely needs manual attention from Tickstar
GGW-906 Failed to load system certificate.
GGW-907 Failed to init authentication for SML management.
GGW-908 The SML management operation could not be completed.
GGW-999 This error indicates that we were not able to understand or amend what went wrong.
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Below are the error codes currently in use. The table suggests what action(s) you should take to resolve a specific issue.