SMP Manager API v.1

API v.1 for Galaxy Gateway PEPPOL SMP

This API will be deprecated on May 31, 2020. Please migrate to SMP API v.2.

To be able to use this API, you need an SMP user account.

This API allows you to seamlessly integrate with Galaxy Gateway SMP to manage all your PEPPOL receivers instantly from within your own applications.

Please refer to the API specification and the WSDL to get you on track using the SMP API.

Port: 443
Token: regular token or HMAC

Commercial stuff

The API is an add-on service and is priced separately. You can test the API by creating a token from within your account. Please be reminded that we might remove your token without prior notice if you use the API in production scenarios without letting us know about it.


To be able to use the API you need to create a token which is used for authentication. Select the token type that fits you best, either the regular token or the HMAC.

  1. Login to your user account.
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Create” under “Manage API Security Tokens”

SMP API v.1 Error Codes

Version: 2013-11-25

If you want the v.2 error codes, please visit

Error codeError description
GGW-300The value MUST have content, empty or null sequence is not allowed.
GGW-301Requested ContentType was not available or could not be determined.
GGW-303The specified media type is not supported
GGW-304The supplied payload could not be interpreted as valid XML according to the XSD.
GGW-305There were no ParticipantIdentifiers found to process.
GGW-306The schema identifier used is not known.
GGW-307Found a duplicated value of a ParticipantIdentifier, only the first occurrence will be processed.
GGW-308A participant identifier value must consist of 4 numerals followed by a comma and an alphanumeric sequence.
GGW-309The used participant type identifier is not supported.
GGW-310The participant identifier you are trying to modify already belongs to another organization.
GGW-311No participant identifier value available.
GGW-312A fully qualified participant identifier value must be specified, e.g. iso6523-actorid-upis::0007:5567212047.
GGW-313The participant identifier is not known.
GGW-314There were no Endpoints found to process.
GGW-315The endpoint id must be a positive integer.
GGW-316An unsupported transport profile was used.
GGW-317A valid URL must be given for endpoint address.
GGW-318The MinimumAuthenticationLevel must be a positive integer.
GGW-319ServiceActivationDate must occur before ServiceExpirationDate.
GGW-320Certificates must be provided in PEM format.
GGW-321Service description must be specified.
GGW-322Technical contact url must be specified.
GGW-323Technical information url must be specified.
GGW-324No endpoint id available.
GGW-325The submitted JSON content seems to be not well-formed.
GGW-326Date must be well-formed according to ISO 8601.
GGW-327The endpoint id is not known.
GGW-328No metadata profiles were found.
GGW-329The metadata profile id is not known.
GGW-330A required field was not available.
GGW-350There seems to have been a problem when trying to obtain the data stream.
GGW-360Failed to activate the participant in the SML. Participant was persisted without SML activation.
GGW-361Failed to activate participant in the SML.
GGW-362Failed to inactivate participant in the SML
GGW-363Failed to deactivate the participant in the SML. Participant was persisted without SML deactivation.
GGW-901There seems to have been a problem when storing data to database, this error most likely needs manual attention from Tickstar Support.
GGW-902Failed to delete an Endpoint record.
GGW-903Failed to find location of SML management WS.
GGW-904Failed to communicate with SML management service.
GGW-999This error indicates that we were not able to understand or amend what went wrong. Please contact Tickstar Support with a copy of this message, timestamp and a detailed description of what you intended to do when this error occurred.